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BBC Biden inauguration: New president to be sworn in amid Trump snub Kamala Harris becomes first female, first black and first Asian-American VP Biden inauguration: Americans' hopes and fears for next president
CNN Analysis: The powerful duality of Kamala Harris' ascent Analysis: The most important line in Joe Biden's inaugural address Watch Joe Biden's inauguration speech - CNN Video
Google Trump’s Last-Minute Moves Against China Complicate Biden’s Agenda Biden targets Trump's legacy with first-day executive actions Anti-Trump celebrities counting down until president leaves office: 'One more sleep'
Business Insider Amanda Gorman, poet laureate, read 'The Hill We Climb' at inauguration - Business Insider A tsunami of legal peril awaits Donald Trump now that he's no longer - Business Insider Joe Biden takes over official Twitter accounts, @POTUS - Business Insider
National Geographic Go inside the close-knit world of Native American rodeo As inauguration looms, the nation’s capital goes still A road trip through America reveals a pensive nation on edge
New Scientist Watch a robot squid propel itself through water with rhythm Covid-19 news: UK hospitals ‘like a war zone’ as deaths hit new record Recruiters less likely to contact ethnic minority groups on Swiss site
The Wall Street Journal Biden Inauguration: Donald Trump Leaves a Note for the 46th President — Live Updates Biden’s First-Day Orders Will Include Mask Mandate, Blocking Keystone Pipeline Biden Inherits an Older, Polarized and Financially Insecure Nation
Engadget Mercedes-Benz' EQA crossover is its first sub-$50,000 EV How to watch Biden’s inaugural 'Parade Across America' NVIDIA Shield TV now supports PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controllers
Hacker News I no longer trust The Great Suspender Porting Firefox to Apple Silicon – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog FedEx Shipping Damage Creates Fractured Artworks
Fortune Tech and crypto funder Andreessen Horowitz wants to replace the media. That might be bad news for investors. A second act seems in the works for Anthony Levandowski The pandemic reveals the surprising differences in how men and women network
Al Jazerra US set to swear in Joe Biden as 46th president: Live updates Joe Biden sworn in as president of the United States Joe Biden inauguration: World reaction

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